Kickstarter is now live!

Our joint Kickstarter campaign for microM8 and Paleotronic Magazine is now live! Check it out at Thanks for supporting microM8!

Go back in time with the Octalyzer!

Did you know that you can go back in time with the Octalyzer Apple IIe emulator? Its “Live Rewind” feature records your active session to disk and with a simple key combo you can “undo” history, ensuring you’re never on your “last” life — there’s always another chance! Once you’ve booted into your game, turn […]

“Octalyzed” Pinball!

By changing the aspect ratio to 1:1, switching to voxel rendering, decreasing the depth to 1, tilting the model backwards, and zooming in (see the quick help page for more details on how to do all of these), you can get a 3D experience from classic Apple II pinball games! Check out the screenshots below: […]

Latest Update!

We’ve finally nailed sound, and removed the 4:3 cropping so you can zoom in to your heart’s content and have it use your entire screen. So many bugfixes!

New Main-branch Release!

This release improves audio and video rendering and fixes a large number of bugs. There are also a number of cosmetic improvements. If you have a copy of the Octalyzer already, all you need to do is open it, and it will self-update. Otherwise, download a copy!