Go back in time with the Octalyzer!

Did you know that you can go back in time with the Octalyzer Apple IIe emulator? Its “Live Rewind” feature records your active session to disk and with a simple key combo you can “undo” history, ensuring you’re never on your “last” life — there’s always another chance!

Once you’ve booted into your game, turn on Live Rewind by pressing shift-control-R, releasing all three keys and then pressing W immediately (you should hear a confirmation beep.) Then, whenever you want to go back in time, press shift-control-[ to start rewinding and then you can either press shift-control-] to scan forward (if you overshoot) or press space to exit rewind and continue playing at that point. Simple!

You can rewind and jump back in as many times as you like, making you virtually immortal! No need to save and load snapshots or other tedious methods, Live Rewind takes mere seconds (and it’s also really cool!)

Download the Octalyzer for Windows, Mac or Linux here

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